Sunday Funday at a West End Pop-Up Market

Ahhh, a lazy Sunday – said no new mom ever. My little one? Up at the crack of 5:37am today. hooray. Given the recent uber-iffy weather sitch, I was itching to get out of the house for a bit in the morning just in case a downpour put a kybosh on any outdoor play today.

My fix?

West End’s Endless Summer Pop Up Market sponsored by Sunday Girl.

In addition to requisite coffee + fresh juice/ acai bowl food trucks, there was a greek food food truck to ensure anyone wandering in could leave well satiated.

And the vendors were an eclectic mix of jewelry, leather goods, macramé, plants, crochet, home wares, handmade soaps and vintage and gently used clothing. Very Endless Summer indeed.

My best find? Leather Moroccan poofs and marble canisters from homewares purveyor Scouted Design.

The prices are a fraction of what you’ll find in brick-and-mortar stores and, when you consider the currency conversion, better priced than NYC’s Moroccan Imports.

I, for one hope this pop-up makes a reappearance, as it’s the perfect way to spend an hour or two with friends before heading to brunch somewhere in the Southbank/ West End environs.

How did I find out about the market? Brisbane Marketing’s What’s On Brisbane website – always a great resource if you’re curious about what’s new events-wise in Brizzie. You won’t always find a diversion you’re craving, but sometimes you might strike gold.

Happy Sunday Funday-ing,



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